What Will Be the Official Name of Project Natal?

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Microsoft has stated the name Project Natal is only a code name for its motion camera phenomenon, but is it really wise for them to switch up now? For a year the words Project Natal has been associated with this device and a name changed could very will be a momentum killer for its future release.

Of course I could be wrong, but the new name for Project Natal would have to be something amazing and catchy to avoid potential flop status in the minds of gamers who have been following Natal since E3 2009. Being that we are some creative guys over here at the Koalition, here are some names that we think Microsoft might be willing to use for Natal instead of Natal. Feel free to come up with your own names and leave them in the comments below.

the Microsoft Groove
the Microsoft Mojo
the Microsoft Kinect
the Xbox Zoom
the Microsoft Mixer
the Xbox Backflip
the Microsoft Matrix

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