Who Will Survive In 2011?: Sony PSP

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Sony Playstation Portable

Additional Models: PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSPgo
Release Year: 2004 (Japan), 2005 (US, Europe)
Sales To Date: Approx. 60million units worldwide


Despite quite a few high profile releases (courtesy of God Of War, MGS, Phantasy Star, Persona 3, Modnation Racers, SOCOM etc.) the PSP continued to struggle outside of Japan. The failure of the PSPgo and MarcusPSP commercials thwarted Sony’s plans to orchestrate a PSP resurgence and the prolonged PSP2 rumors couldn’t have helped the PSP at retail either. Sony Europe’s decision to giveaway 10 free games with all PSPgo’s sold in Europe was certainly enough to make me take the plunge but apparently not many others followed suit. The PSPgo also received worldwide price drops in the latter half of the year but again this wasn’t enough to drag the ageing handheld out of last place. In Japan the PSP-3000 continued to sell by the boatload and their contribution helped to push global sales pass the 60million mark.


2011 isn’t looking too good for the Playstation Portable. Sony is likely to jump ship this year and focus all their attention on the upcoming PSP2. This also means that we’ll probably see drastic price reductions on the current models and a fire sale on games as retailers attempt to clear stock. I predict that by the end of 2011 the PSPgo will be discontinued while a $99 PSP-3000 remains on shelves for those who can’t afford yet afford a 3DS or PSP2. In terms of software, many developers will keep the PSP ports coming but exclusive games will be scarce.

“Sony PSP” 2011 Survival Rating: Bad! (2/5)

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