Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Extended Debut Trailer and Screenshots

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Remedy Entertainment have just sent along an extended VGA 2011 trailer and some screenshots for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. They also sent along a press release that lets us know a little more about the game.

The press release told us the game will have two modes of play, the first of pretty much follows the “Night Springs” TV show which if you have played the original game you should find familiar. The second mode is called “Fight till Dawn” and as is the way with todays games is a sort of horde mode where you have to take on waves and waves of enemies while trying to survive until dawn. There was no mention of multiplayer in “Fight till Dawn”, but there will be online leaderboard which should aid you on bragging to your friends.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be published by Microsoft Studios and will be available for Xbox Live Arcade in mid Q1 2012. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. Please keep an eye out for updates on Facebook and Twitter @Remedygames.

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