EightBit.Me Set To Turn SXSWi Into a Classic NES Game

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We rarely cover startups, but I think thats about to change with companies like EightBit.Me. EightBit.Me allows users to make a NES 8-bit style version of themselves online. You can then use that avatar for Twitter or whatever social network you desire. I have an 8 bit avatar myself, unfortunately I made mines slaving over Photoshop, wish I held out a bit longer.

SXSWi is this week and the EightBite.Me team have a few surprises to reveal. I personally think its a game, that will let users play with their created avatars. Similar to what Xbox 360 has with their Xbox Live avatars, and the various games that surround them. I need to get my hands on that custom Nintendo cartridge they are cooking up as well. Make your EightBit avatar and post it here, would love to see what you come up with.

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