Fable: The Journey Continues With Kinect

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Lionhead studios head, Peter Monyleux, took the stage at the Microsoft E3 key note and announced a new Fable adventure. Fable: The Journey is the next game in the Fable series, but it doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the story of Fable 2 or 3. The more noticeable change is that this game is all Kinect when it comes to gameplay. A small demonstration of the game was shown and works as you would imagine, raise your hand to cast spells and swing your arms to slash your sword. It looked alright, but I have a problem when it comes to moving your character forward. The game is basically an on-rail adventure game, and that doesn’t sound like much of an adventure. I’m skeptical for now but want to reserve judgement for now.

Check out the trailer below. Expect to hear more soon.

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