Halo CE Anniversary Comic-Con Campaign Demo Wows Me

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So the truth is, I’m a huge Halo fan but I wasn’t all that excited for the 10 year anniversary re-release of Halo: Combat Evolved. I already played through it about a dozen times by now, no new multiplayer options, and there are way more important new titles I want to dedicated my time to this fall. I appreciated the game but it had just slipped out of my radar, until I saw this campaign demo from Comic-Con.

There have been plenty of HD re-releases of games this generation but none really gave you the opportunity to see how the game had changed from its standard form to the High-Def world of today. Halo Anniversary allows players to flip between the original and the HD version of the game with the tap of a button. The results are gorgeous. I know Halo Anniversary may not be the best looking game this generation but you can’t deny that it is mind blowing to see the growth that not only this game has had in its 10 years but also the growth of the game industry.

Halo Anniversary is due out on November 15.

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