Nathan Drake Gets Mugged, In London, At Knife Point! [Uncharted 3 Trailer]

During a presentation at this year’s GDC, Naughty Dog shed some light on the antagonist who will no doubt become the bane of your existence in Uncharted 3. In 2009 Drake’s adversary was a Serbian warlord with a lust for power, but this year Drake will is faced with something even more sinister… A middle-aged British woman!

Confused? Check out the trailer below…

Sounds like she’s definitely not one you want to get in the way of or, worse, double cross! To give you some background, Katherine Marlowe is the coldly calculating leader of a secret society whose roots date back over four hundred years to the court of Queen Elizabeth I. She has a long-standing rivalry with Nathan Drake over Sir Francis Drake’s ring – something they both contend is rightfully theirs and is also the key to an ancient mystery. As you can tell from the cut-scene above, Marlowe is a much more cerebral enemy than Drake has confronted in the past, using both psychological and physical tactics to get what she is after. Marlowe also has the assistance of her team of highly-trained agents in this secret society – they are far more elusive and dangerous than the hired guns Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan have faced before.

Uncharted 3 hits stores in November.

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