Sorcery Proves That The Playstation Move Is Better Than Kinect? [New Trailer + Interview]

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After going dark for a year and a half, The Workshop have finally stepped outside to reveal a brand new trailer for Playstation Move title Sorcery. I never really had great expectations for this game (unlike my colleague Gary Swaby who believes that it will be better than Skyrim) but after watching the trailer and interview  below I must admit, I’m starting to warm to it.

According to game director  Brian Upton, Sorcery is an RPG shooter “but is very much an action game more akin to God of War”. He also believes that the Playstation Move is like totally better than the Wii and Kinect. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Upton stated;

I think this title [Sorcery] does an excellent job of showing what makes Move a better and different system than other motion controls that are out there. It’s tighter, it’s cleaner, it’s more precise – I don’t think you could do a game like this on either Kinect or Wii. I don’t think technically they’d be able to support this kind of gameplay.

Skyward Sword, eat your heart out! Sorcery will be released next Spring.


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