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The Co-op Episode 11: No Spoilers Please!

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We’re back with The Co-op Podcast and we apologize for the wait. At the moment a couple of our cast members are away on business, so for now you get just me and Edward V. Despite the missing members of the cast, this episode flowed very well and I hope you all enjoy it.


– What we’ve been playing.
– Gears of War 3 leaked.
– Media Molecule doing Little Big Planet no more.
– Bungies big announcement.
– A PR company loses their contract with 2K.
– Plus lots more.

I cut out a couple parts where I gave spoilers for a game without warning. There’s also a part where Ed says some spoilers for L.A Noire, but he gives enough warning for you to be able to skip. To be exact; the spoiler starts at 25:30 minutes in and ends 27:20 minutes in.

Length: 69 Mins
Music: 50 Cent – Outlaw

Thanks for listening.

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