“The Tomb Raider Trilogy” Coming Exclusively To The PS3 This March

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The HD Collections are continuing the roll in on the PS3 and thankfully the Tomb Raider series is next up to bat. As reported on the official Playstation Blog, The Tomb Raider Trilogy will feature HD versions of the only previous-gen Croft games worth re-exploring (Legends and Anniversary), plus 2008’s Tomb Raider: Underworld thrown in for good measure.

As if three great games on one blu-ray disc wasn’t enough, the package will also come with an exclusive XMB theme and two Playstation Home avatars for those of you who still use that thing.

At only $40 this is an absolute steal! Do not miss out…

Note: Yes, I know all three games are already on Xbox 360 in HD and No, The Trilogy will not feature the 360 exclusive DLC for Underworld.

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