Want To Play The Amazing Streets of Rage Fan Remake? Too Bad…

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Despite seemingly establishing an informal agreement with Sega at the birth of the project, Streets of Rage fan group Bomber Games was contacted via email by the gaming giant to take down the project from their website, as reported by Develop Online.

The Streets of Rage mod took 8 years to complete, touting 103 stages, 19 playable characters, remixed music, as well as a level editor for extending the beat-em-up fun. In addition, the game did not hold a single line of code from the original game, running on 80,000 lines of new code. The game was available as a free download, with Bomber Games only asking for Paypal donations to help run server costs.

Bomber Games is still looking to resolve the issue, and it is still unknown as to why Sega asked for the project to be pulled down. Hopefully the project will be resurrected, and fans of the series will once again be able to experience and enjoy this truly amazing mod.

Source: Develop Online

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