X-Men Destiny Comic-Con Trailer

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After seeing X-Men First Class in theaters and loving the film, I’m just about ready for a decent X-Men game. X-men Destiny will have to be that game because no other X-Men game is currently in development. The developers behind Too Human, Silicon Knights, are behind this title and haven’t had too much of a good reputation with fans, especially not after the Too Human debacle. But they sure have impressed me with X-Men Destiny so far. I am a sucker for superhero games.

X-Men Destiny will start you off as a new mutant who joins the X-Men. The game focuses on you choosing your powers and giving the player choices to make that will effect the story and your character’s choices. The latest trailer from Comic-Con really drives this point home. It also features about a dozen of your favorite X-Men characters.

The trailer ends by giving us an official release date of Sept. 27, 2011. Check out the trailer and new screens below.

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