The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Completed In 24 Minutes!

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If (unlike some of my colleagues) you’ve played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time before, you’ll know just how lengthy that game is. My original playthrough back in 1999 took me several weeks to complete and even the 3DS re-release managed to keep me adventuring for a dozens of hours. Before today, if you told me that the entire game could be completed in 24 minutes I probably would have wished a curse upon your first born but after watching the tool-free speed run above I am almost at a loss for words.

Sure, he exploited a few bugs during the process (quite literally at one point) but there’s no denying that ZeldaFreakGlitcha is an extremely talented individual. He also took time out to address a few questions regarding the speed run but I’d advise you to watch the video first before reading his explanations.

Q: Why is this on the Japanese version?
A: The text is much faster. Other than that, it’s the exact same as any other version.

Q: Is this legit?
A: Yes, everything I do here can be done on any regular console with no cheats or modifications at all.

Q: Why do you need the bottle?
A: To activate the ocarina items glitch on the edge of the blue warp which allowed me to move during the cutscene so I could get to the door.

Q: How does that warp glitch work?
A: The game is trying to load the value for the kokiri emerald cutscene and the main deku tree area at the same time, so it sends you to a new room value which happens to be a room in the escape.

Q: How did you die to gohma? Was it on purpose?
A: I got hit at the same time I killed her which also killed me. It was on purpose, I needed to return to the room with the stone wall blocking the door gone.

Q: What’s up with the deku sticks?
A: They are actually as powerful as the master sword, so they’re a great weapon for this.

Q: How did you figure this out? Was it on accident?
A: First of all, I did not find this, it was found by r0bd0g and sockfolder.

It was found by examining older glitches and trying to do it with a different method. The warp itself was possible with farore’s wind on B as adult, but took too long to do that so no one really cared. Then the idea of using the door instead of farore’s wind was proposed, it was tested, and it worked.

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