EA Wows Us At Gamescom With New Battlefield 4 Footage

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EA just held their live conference at Gamescom 2013, and there was no better way to end their show with this amazing footage from Battlefield 4.

DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson also gave us a rundown on what Levolution is. Many were confused by what the term meant at first but we finally got to see it in motion. It’s basically where every level in the game will evolve over time on a multiplayer map. To put it simply Levolution is the term to describe how multiplayer matches will have dynamic events occurring that shape the Battlefield, so no two matches will ever be the same in Battlefield 4.

A new mode called Obliteration was also revealed, which includes random bomb spawning. The objective is to destroy the enemy target before they get to yours, and you only have “one bomb between you.”

They also detailed Premium, and described it as an “exclusive club” for everybody who has played and loves the series. Premium members will get early access to expansions, DLC, weapons and upgrades.

With rivals Activision having a blowout last week with their Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer footage it seemed as though everybody’s attention had shifted. But EA have today reminded us what makes Battlefield 4 the ultimate military FPS experience.

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