Fatal Frame 2 Coming To PSN This Tuesday

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Horror classic Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly will be arriving on PSN this Tuesday, May 7. Over at the PlayStation Blog series director Makoto Shibata talks about the development of the game and provides some insight into the series overall.

“The Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly project started relatively soon after the first project concluded. Since we received lots of feedback that players got too scared to complete the game, we shifted our attention to making the storyline more interesting, to encourage such players to overcome the scariness in wanting to see the end of the story.

“In a psychic horror scenario, it is normal for ghosts and spirits to not appear in the exact locations where they previously appeared. Such never-ending loops of thoughts are the core characteristic of psychic horror.”

“The more times you play through it, the more different outcomes you’ll feel every time as a result.”

Now you may call me a wimp, but I definitely won’t be playing this game when it comes out this week, by all means I understand how good the series is but playing horror games is just not for me. It is interesting how much thought and effort went into designing the game, and I can easily see how some people were too frightened to finish the game. Maybe I’ll hit up an LP of someone playing it, like the wimp that I am.

Source: Playstation Blog

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