God of War: Ascension Co-op Weapons Trailer Revealed

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Yesterday, the talented team over at Sony Santa Monica decided to release a brief trailer on the brand new co-op weapons now available within God of War: Ascension multiplayer.

Known simply as the Mythological Heroes Co-op weapons DLC pack, this unique culmination of weapon and armor sets is inspired heavily by several of Ancient Greece’s greatest mythological warriors. The 4 weapons include the following:

  • The Spear of Achilles
  • The Hammer of Odysseus
  • The Sword of Orion
  • The Sword of Perseus

With these weapons armed, players are able to pull off up to 10 brutal combat moves and hold a significant advantage in almost every enemy encounter. This new DLC addition comes a few short weeks after a free dedicated 1v1 multiplayer mode was added to the game. The trailer for this mode can be seen below, while further details on the Mythological Heroes Co-op weapons DLC pack can be found right HERE.

Fans of God of War: Ascension multiplayer are no doubt happy to see that the game is still receiving DLC support, but the real question now is how long before we start hearing about God of War 4? It’s no secret that this game will eventually get an official reveal as a PS4 title and I’ll be anxious to see how the studio approaches that game in terms of story and gameplay. In the meantime, Ascension is still a good game and if you’re a fan of the series then you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you’ve held off this long and want an opinion on the game, then I would encourage you to check out Gary Swaby’s review of it right HERE.

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