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[Hip-Hop] Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel

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NYC emcee Azealia Banks has never shied away from unapolgetically speaking her mind, especially on Twitter, and teaming up with some dope production to create beautiful music in the process. After releasing a highly acclaimed mixtape and EP, she has remained relatively quiet with new material from her upcoming Interscope debut Broke with Expensive Taste. Today, the Harlem wordsmith finally broke her silence and gave the fans what they have been waiting patiently for on her lead single “Yung Rapunxel“.

The fast paced, trap, and  synth heavy production of Lil Internet works perfectly with her tongue-twisting and vicious lyrics. It is clear that this is strictly for the dance floor and not a sing-along because the aggressive, pulsating beat drowns out most of her lyrics but serves as a dance floor anthem. Coupled with plenty of vulgarity, yelling, and a sick beat,  this hard-hitting single is something different from Banks and is available on iTunes March 26th.

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