Infamous: Second Son Trailer & Details Revealed

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During Sony’s PlayStation Meeting last night, Sucker Punch got a chance to reveal a teaser trailer from the latest sequel in their popular Infamous series.

Infamous: Second Son is poised to be a strong launch title for the PlayStation 4 when it hits stores this Holiday season.

The premise states that the game takes place approximately 7 years after Infamous 2 and follows the story of a new hero in 25 year old drifter Delsin Rowe. The setting appears to be an extremely grim looking Seattle backdrop after an organization called the Department of Unified Protection has launched an all out assault on the city’s superhuman powered inhabitants. Just like in the previous games, choice will become a key element in shaping how the game evolves over time.

Given the popularity of this franchise, I felt this was definitely a great game to reveal during last night’s festivities. There will obviously be questions about whatever truly happened to Cole MacGrath at the end of infamous 2, but I’m confident that this new installment will deliver in more ways then one.

Where you impressed by Infamous: Second Son? Do you like the new direction or do you want more insight on Cole MacGrath? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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