Take On Mars: First Gameplay From The Makers Of ArmA

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ArmA developer Bohemia has revealed the first footage of upcoming Mars exploration game Take On Mars, as well as details about the game and how to purchase it.

The game is available for PC at £9/€10/$13 as an Early Access title on Steam and comes with three game modes; Space Program, Scenarios and Editor.

“After this initial launch,” commented project lead Martin Melicharek, “we hope to receive feedback and suggestions from players and work together to create the most dynamic exploration sim game driven by everyone’s passion for exploration and interest in extra-terrestrial bodies such as Mars… Better said, especially Mars!”

Check out the video above, at first I was a bit wary because I had never heard of Take On Mars before but after seeing the footage I think it looks amazing. Let me know in the comments what you think of the video.

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