Injustice: Gods Among Us – 10 DLC Characters Worth Adding

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When NetherRealm Studios first announced Injustice: Gods Among Us back in May of 2012, both fighting game fans and comic book enthusiasts found themselves dreaming of a world filled with endless possibilities. With a robust roster of 24 fighters, a Justice league inspired storyline, and an engaging combat system; Injustice is already shaping up to be the best superhero fighting game ever made. Shortly after the game launched at retailers this past Tuesday, Ed Boon announced that Lobo would be one of 4 DLC characters added to the game later this year. Having had the opportunity to play the game over these last couple of days, we decided to come up with a list of 10 DC characters that should be added to the roster. These choices were made by Michael Ajibade, Edward Velazquez, and myself and are listed in no particular order of preference.

Michael’s Picks:

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Martian Manhunter

Having him in the game is a given and he should have been on the launch roster list in all honesty.  You can already see him in the game on the “Watch Tower” stage.   Incorporating him into the game would be simple really.  He has shapeshifting abilities (just like Shang Tsung) and is powerful enough to rival Superman in a fight. Lets be honest, this game needs more characters on Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Black Adam’s level. Martian Manhunter can fill in that void in more ways then one.


Power Girl

Another logical addition for many reasons.  For starters, she would also add to the previously mentioned list of needed powerful characters.  Her costume swap would allow for NetherRealm to get two characters into the game as one, giving players both Power Girl and SuperGirl.  Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Zatanna are my four favourite female characters in DC comics.  Wonder Woman is already in the game.  They should add at least one more of these characters.  In addition, Power Girl’s looks are definitely easy on the eyes.  Hopefully if this happens, they bring on the gorgeous and talented Tara Strong to do her voice.


Mister Terrific (Michael Holt)

I know most of you are saying, “Who?”  Meanwhile, others are going to wikipedia right now.  I will admit, Mr. Terrific is not a character that is thought of or spoken about much.  Still, he is one that NetherRealm could do tons with.  He is highly intelligent (top three intellects in the DC universe), physically capable (Olympic-level athlete who holds at least 6 different black belts in martial arts), and is technology assisted via his T-Spheres (think of them as sentry-like robots that function as a computer, holographic projection unit, projectile weapons, and a plethora of  other uses).  Personally, I would have had him in the game over Cyborg, but perhaps that’s just me.  He also already has a competitive rivalry with Batman, which would serve as good material for their confrontation.

Edward’s Picks:



Though Rorschach doesn’t directly tie into DC Comics current agenda, he is a fan favorite. Adding Rorschach to the mix just adds even more fan service and gives Injustice a more lighthearted tone. One of my main issues with Injustice is that it’s being marketed as a serious toned game. The addition of Rorschach or any of The Watchmen really, gives off the vibe that NetherRealm enjoyed making this game and went crazy with their character picks. As far as fighting style, Rorschach kicks ass, plain and simple. And as for why he can damage Superman? Well his ink blots contain kryptonite? I don’t know. Just add him.


General Zod

If Lex Luther can be in the game, why can’t General Zod? For one, he possesses actual superpowers and is a threat to Superman. NetherRealm won’t need to come up with a silly excuse as to why Zod can hurt the Man of Steel. Secondly, General Zod will be the main villain in the upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ film which is sure to be a big box office hit this summer. Why not just include him now before we end up loving him in the movie and wishing we could play him.

Richard’s Picks:



If you’ve had a chance to play through the game’s main campaign, then you probably know by now that the main antagonist is a corrupted version of the caped crusader himself. The narrative succeeds in showing a darker side to Superman but fails to utilize this concept to its fullest potential. Diehard fans of the comics are able to easily identify Bizzaro as a sadistically dangerous version of Superman. Examining Bizzaro’s origin further also exposes Joker’s involvement in his creation, which is eerily similar to why Superman turns evil in the game’s main story mode. Bizarro could be a new DLC character or simply an alternative costume option of Superman with slightly dirtier moves.



Known primarily as one of the most powerful characters in the entire DC universe, Darkseid naturally seems like a perfect fit for future inclusion on this game’s roster. His ability to possess other living beings, and use his Omega beam powers to vaporize adversaries makes him a threat to any and everyone. Most of the characters on the roster already feel overpowered and including him could easily balance everything out.



When it comes to political corruption and chaos, Two-Face takes the cake as being the king of these complex dynamics. Once a sign of hope and justice, Harvey Dent’s tragic transformation to a crazed lunatic has been well documented in both Batman movies and animated TV shows. How he can tie into Injustice would be as a symbol of the issues of morality emphasized within the game’s storyline. Several characters struggle with the repercussions for their actions and Dent is capable of being both good and bad at times.



With a roster already full of Batman characters, one of Bruce Wayne’s closest allies is nowhere to be found. While Nightwing will no doubt be seen as the closest thing to a friend for Batman, nothing beats the companionship and loyalty of a sidekick. Tim Drake’s Robin would not only deliver that dynamic, but could also open up other possibilities of him feuding with several other characters on the roster. I would be very interested to see how Robin would fare in a fight against Nightwing. NetherRealm should definitely explore this option if possible.


Black Manta

Upon first picking up Injustice, I noticed that the game has a great deal of heroes along with their equally diabolical arch enemy counterparts. Batman has to contend with Joker while Superman has his hands full with the likes of Lex Luthor and Doomsday. However, arguably one of the best fighters in the game in Aquaman seems to be missing out on all the action. Black Manta could change that by being the biggest personal threat to his existence. Even if Black Manta is never chosen as a DLC character, there are several villains within the Aquaman universe that could easily take his place and make for some exciting battle encounters.

This concludes our list on 10 Injustice DLC Characters that should be added to the current roster. Do you agree or disagree with any of our picks? Which characters do you want to see added to Injustice: Gods Among Us? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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