The Side Quest: Fallout 3 – The Wasteland Survival Guide Pt. 1

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If you’re subscribed to our Youtube then you would have already seen the second episode of The Side Quest, which included me playing the first chapter of The Wasteland Survival Guide in Fallout 3.

The reason I like this quest is because it was the first one that really gave the game personality once leaving Vault 101. The woman who gives you the quest Moira Brown is one of the most eccentric people in Megaton, but she’s easily lovable for that reason.

The mission is to help her research by carrying out a number of quests. The results of your quest help her add to The Wasteland Survival Guide, which will be published once all three chapters of the quest are complete.

In this video I play through the entire first chapter. Thankfully without dying. In the video you will see me explore the Super Duper Mart for supplies, take out land mines and snipers and get radiated to the point of mutation.

Please excuse my bad gaming habits and my silly blabbering, I promise to make each entry into this series better. I also understand that the video quality has extremely compromised upon uploading to Youtube, so I am in the process of learning how to improve the quality of the videos.

The Wasteland Survival Guide will span 3 entire episodes of The Side Quest, so look out for chapter two next time.

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