2D Action-Adventure RPG Gliese Now Live on Kickstarter

Inspired by Half-Life, Borderlands, and Shadow of the Colossus

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Gliese, a project by TimeMachine, is a 2D action-adventure RPG that is inspired by titles such as Half-life, Borderlands, and Shadow of the Colossus.

In 2081, the planet was on the verge of collapse. Your prodigious knowlegde of theoretical physics is what made you uniquely qualified to lead the first interstellar colonization mission to planet Gliese, roughly 20 lightyears from Earth. The problem is, you’ve woken up from cryostasis with no knowledge of where you are, or what’s happened to the ship you left on.

There is a variety of different qualities that makes Gliese something more than a 2D adventure, including character creation which will allow you to design a male or female character to push through the story. Inclusions such as the game’s drone system will add a new element to the gameplay. Drones are available for different tasks and can be classified into five different types: Crafter, Security, Triage, Shield, and Search.

  • Security – Security drones are the go-to for heavy offensive tacticians. Regardless of their level, these kill-bots will stop at nothing to ensure that any and all threats in your proximity are neutralized.
  • Search – There will be so much to find and salvage around Gliese… but maybe you’re not the scavenging type? These search drones will focus on the treasure hunting for you, so you can go off and explore knowing, “Gary” or whatever you decide to name it, is out there digging up some awesome (or possibly incredibly un-awesome) loot for you!
  • Triage – Inevitably, you’re going to be encountering some dangerous creatures around the planet. It might be a good idea to bring along a doctor- or better yet, a Triage drone. These danger-evasive mini-bots’ only priority is to consistently assess your health, and to make sure said health is always in optimal condition… (if possible).
  • Shield – Who needs a healer when your shields are near impenetrable? Maybe you don’t want to have to be held back by wearing heavy armor either. In any case, most Shield drones will stick close to the user, providing him or her with extra bubbles to help protect against almost all known* substances.
  • Crafter – Why craft new items, weapons or armor at home when you can bring along a Crafter drone that can build you items on the go?! These slightly slower, heftier drones won’t help you in battle, but they provide incredible services in the field. Craft or Mod wherever! They can also function as a secondary backpack!

In addition, there are a multitude of different weapon types and classes to change your specific gameplay as well as different ammo types that each have their own unique effect. Weapon classes include melee, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and special weapons while different ammo types include laser, plasma, solar, fire, electric, ice, and nuclear.

Gliese also includes systems such as an inventory system, a skills and abilities leveling system, weapon skills which will allow you to specialize in different types of weapons, and tech skills which will pull points from your weapons skills, however, it will allow you to focus on other technological areas such as Drone Specialization, Telekenesis, Flight Superiority, and Nanotech modifications.

With an $85,000 goal and 16 days left, the project has already managed to pull in over $3,000. Make sure you visit the game’s Kickstarter page to become a backer and to learn more about this new adventure!

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