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5 Things We Want From Titanfall 2

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Earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment launched their promising new IP on both the Xbox One and PC platforms. Approximately one week after Titanfall proved to be a huge financial success, EA secured the rights to a sequel and guaranteed that the next installment in the mech-inspired FPS series wouldn’t remain an Xbox and PC only exclusive.

With Titanfall 2 probably not coming our way until around 2016 or 2017, we decided to take the time to elaborate on a few changes that are needed to move the franchise forward. So without further ado, here is our list on 5 things that we want from Titanfall 2.


A Better Campaign Multiplayer Mode

When Vince Zampella confirmed that Titanfall would have a campaign multiplayer mode, he made it very clear that the point of this feature was to introduce fans to the lore and appeal of the universe that surrounds them. As a result of this move, we were presented with a short storyline full of underutilized characters and several battle sequences where the end result had absolutely no effect whatsoever on the core narrative at hand.

Now that Respawn has successfully established a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience, I’m expecting Titanfall 2 to have a fully-fleshed out campaign from start to finish. While we got a chance to meet a few cool characters in the first game, the truth of the matter is that we never really had the opportunity to build a connection with any of them. On top of that, the fact that consequences didn’t change as a result of each battle easily made the campaign predictable and meaningless in the end. Hopefully Titanfall 2 can address these issues and give an added sense of depth and meaning to the overall experience.


More Mech Chassis Types

During the VGX 2013 awards broadcast, Vince Zampella debuted two separate Titanfall teaser trailers to reveal two of the mechs that would appear in the final game. Currently the three mech models we use in the game are The Atlus, The Orge, and The Stryder.

When Titanfall 2 finally drops, I’m expecting us to have a larger assortment of mech models to choose from. Respawn has already confirmed that there won’t be anymore mechs included in the season pass due to their concerns that making such changes now would impact the game’s balancing system. By the time the sequel comes out, this issue should have been figured out so that we all can get a better idea of how versatile they are when it comes to creating mechs.


Personalized Mechs

The heart and soul of the Titanfall experience lies within the life-sized mechs that players control on the battlefield. Truthfully, this is the only aspect that separates this first-person shooter from every other game that is currently on the market.

One feature that Respawn should bring to the sequel is the ability to personalize each mech model from top to bottom. This option could allow players to change both the color and appearance of their machines to instill a sense of ownership. They can even explore the possibilities of allowing custom logos to be created and uploaded to the machines as well. Just about every major FPS out now has some form of customization to it, and therefore Titanfall 2 should be held to the exact same standards.


New Multiplayer Modes

As I mentioned in my Titanfall review, the 6 main multiplayer modes are always engaging and fun to playthrough with virtually everyone. Part of what makes these modes so special lies again in the fact that mechs can drastically change the outcome of any match almost instantly.

While I expect some of these modes to return in Titanfall 2, I’m also hoping that Respawn intends to add new modes to keep the battles fresh and rewarding. I believe this is the one feature that we can pretty much expect to be improved upon and I’ll especially be interested to see how they pull it off.


12v12 Matchups

When Respawn confirmed that Titanfall multiplayer would cap out at 12 players, many fans and critics reacted to the news in both negative and positive ways. Bias fanboys proceeded to criticize the game while those who were already interested in the IP didn’t let the news cloud their judgement. In theory, 6v6 matchups worked out extremely well for the developers because it kept the matchmaking balanced on both sides.

Titanfall 2 can up the ante significantly by giving players the ability to increase matchup sizes accordingly. 6v6 matchups can and will always be a standard, but the option may also get tiresome and eventually boring after awhile. Having an additional 6 players on each team would keep each battle intense and create much more challenging scenarios each and every time.

What Would You Like To See In Titanfall 2?

This concludes our list on 5 things that we want from Titanfall 2. What kind of changes would you all like to see in the sequel? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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