Don Mattrick Has Left Zynga

Mark Pincus will return to his role as CEO immediately.

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Earlier today, reported on a story confirming that Don Mattrick has officially stepped down as Zynga’s CEO. Mattrick was given $15 million to leave and now Mark Pincus is once again CEO of the popular social gaming company.

Mattrick is most popular from his lengthy tenure over at Microsoft. He served as the President of Entertainment Business and is responsible for introducing us all to the Xbox One during a worldwide reveal event way back in May of 2013. Shortly thereafter, he joined Zynga as their CEO and came under fire for several losses the company suffered over the last year and a half.

Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft left the door wide open for Phil Spencer to take over and in those regards I’m very glad this happened. It will be interesting to see what all Phil has planned for the future of Xbox and what Mattrick’s next move will be if any.

Are any of you surprised that Don Mattrick didn’t have any success at Zynga? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter and more in the comments section below.


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