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Microsoft Rumored to Be Buying Silent Hills, Turning it Into Xbox One Exclusive

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(POSSIBLY) BIG NEWS ALERT! According to Rooster Teeth, an anonymous source has reported to them that Microsoft is currently in talks with Konami to purchase Silent Hills and release it as an Xbox One exclusive.

Of course, Microsoft had no reply for this, but according to the source, the game is 80% completed, and Microsoft is trying to make the purchase for billions (yes, billions). They hope to have it bought by E3 this year in order to shock the world and announce it at their conference. The release date, according to the source, would be sometime in March 2016.

Further lending itself to the rumor, the source claims that the game was pulled from the PSN in “a show of good faith to Microsoft”, which would make sense, as there would be no point in having it active there anymore.

Konami is apparently trying to remove itself from the console game business, according to Rooster Teeth. In order to do this, they’re selling off many properties that they can’t convert into mobile games easily. While this 100% contradicts Konami’s latest press release, anything is possible at this point.

While this would be a huge bombshell of news to drop at their conference, it’s also important to know that the Silent Hills property hasn’t exactly been popular, nor in the spotlight for some years. Would Microsoft really spend upwards of $1 billion on it? While Microsoft didn’t reply to any questions, it’s likely we’ll get more confirmation as we get closer to their E3 conference.

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