The True Disney Princesses of Video Games

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Gaming today is filled with female characters that take on many different roles. Some are soft while some are rugged and some are sexualized and some are modest. We have decided to list the ones caught in trying situations equipped to persevere while still maintaining a passionate persona and kind heart; a.k.a “The True Disney Princesses of Video Games.


Elizabeth Comstock / Anna DeWitt – BioShock Infinite

” There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.”

Elizabeth is a character conflicted with a beautiful, broken soul. With an appetite for exploration, she is hidden away from the world in an iron tower by her father, Zachary Hale Comstock. Saved from the confines of solitude, Elizabeth finds solace in her companion and actual father (from another dimension), Booker DeWitt. With her compassionate soul and special abilities, Elizabeth makes for the perfect princess. There were moments while exploring Columbia that I would stop and watch her interact with the everything —and she simply took my breath away.

Yuna Video Game Princess

 Yuna – Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2

“If we should get separated, just whistle. I’ll come running. I promise.”

Always the type to put others before herself, Yuna encourages others to follow their chosen paths and is a strong positive, spiritual figure. After the defeat of Sin, the antagonist who killed her parents, Yuna vowed to rebuild Spira as a leader and summoner, just like her father. Willing to sacrifice her own life for others, Yuna’s innocence and sweet nature is what makes her such a fantastic character. After her expedition with Tidus, Yuna gains a new sense of self and becomes one of the most empowering women in the Final Fantasy series.

Clementine Video Game Princess

 Clementine – The Walking Dead series

“My parents went on vacation and left me with the babysitter, and they never came back. This man found me and took care of me.”

Out of all character developments, Clementine’s is by far one of the most extreme. As a child caught up in the zombie apocalypse with her parents out of town, Clem is taken under Lee’s wing.  As he teaches her how to stay tough and survive in the new world, the two develop quite the friendship. A mere child in first season, Clementine is forced to mature at an early age and becomes quite the little moral compass. Her sad, dark upbringing accompanied by her innocent spirit is what makes Clem stick out as such an extraordinary video game princess.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda Series

“Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other.”

Hyrule is constantly changing. Kings come and go, antagonists are defeated and time passes through infinite loopholes in Hyrulean existence. One thing that remains constant is the mystifying character behind each Princess Zelda. Although each princess is different with each Link in the timeline, the spirit behind each “Zelda” who dons the chosen royal name remains inherently similar to those before her. With armies at her side in each game, Zelda comes to Link for his assistance while she fights her own battles in the shadows. She is never a damsel in distress, and in nearly every addition to the series, Princess Zelda tackles each villain on her own accord. Her strong will and loyalty to her people is what makes Zelda the perfect princess.

Liara Video Game Princess

Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect Series

“I spent two years mourning you. So if we’re going to try this, I need to know you’re always coming back.”

As one of the most diplomatic and lawful female characters of the Mass Effect series, Dr. Liara T’Soni is one of the most empowered female video game characters to date. Intelligent and completely loyal to the fight against the Reapers, Liara uses her genius to obtain insider information for Commander Shepard and the N7 Alliance, along with offering her expertise on the extinct Prothean race. As one of the most consistent female companions in the series, Liara makes for one of the most passionate romance options due to her kind nature and passionate persona.

Kairi Video Game Princess

Kairi – Kingdom Hearts series

“Don’t ever forget; wherever you go, I’m always with you.”

As a Princess of Heart, Kairi has a heart of pure light without a trace of darkness. A true friend to Sora and Riku, Kairi never loses sight of what really matters, being true to her own heart. Although finding herself in some tricky predicaments, Kairi’s heart is saved from darkness at the end of the first game and in the second addition to the series, she becomes an independent keyblade wielder. Headstrong, compassionate and tenderhearted, she is already her own form of Disney princess.

Ellie Video Game Princess

Ellie – The Last of Us

“To the edge of the universe and back, endure and survive…”

The Last of Us hit players like a wild fire and quickly became known as one of the most emotional video games of all time. With characters such as Joel and Ellie, it’s no surprise that the game reached such incredible heights. Willing to do whatever it takes to survive, Ellie is not a girl to be messed with. Growing up in the post-infected world, Ellie travels from military zone to covert bases hiding her immunity from the world and finds herself with Joel. Her badass persona complimented with her sweet soul and overwhelming capability to persevere against all odds makes her a perfect candidate for video game royalty.

Samus Video Game Princess

Samus – Metroid series

“My past is not a memory. It’s a force at my back.”

Embodying the same spirit as someone such as the Chinese princess, Mulan, Samus Aran is an immensely powerful figure in the female gaming world. Against all odds, Samus used her militant background as an intergalatic bounty hunter. Assuming she was a male, players were surprised to find that Samus was in fact female at the end of the first Metroid game. Granting only a glimpse into her rigid personality, the Samus persona is meant to be reflected of the gamer. After the loss of her parents at the hands of the Space Pirates, Samus Aran will stop at nothing to punish her enemies and avenge her lost family.

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