When is Dragon Age’s DLC Coming to PS4? Bioware Can’t Say

PS4 version of DLC will come eventually.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition just got its first batch of DLC in the form of  “Jaws of Hakkon”, although only Xbox and PC gamers were able to get their hands on it. While it will be coming to the PS4 eventually, Bioware’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah was unable to share when due to a part of their contract with Microsoft.

Although he isn’t able to share any news, he did express hope that gamers might be able to hold on just a little longer in their thirst for more Dragon Age.

While this is a bummer to some, the silver lining is that console exclusive DLC doesn’t always last too long, so going by the norm, it shouldn’t be more than a month or so before PS4 gamers are able to experience the DLC. Since there is no concrete confirmation however, players must sit idly by and be as patient as possible.

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