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A New God of War Game is Coming!

Sony took the stage with a powerful orchestral introduction and a powerful cinematic trailer. It began with a young boy speaking to someone in the shadows. As the person walked out of the darkness, we saw a familiar, yet incredibly realistic face of one of our favorite video game hot heads — Kratos himself.

The trailer followed Kratos and his young son on a hunt for a deer. It is clear from the beginning that Kratos has high expectations of him and his son does not want to disappoint him. As they are attacked by different creatures and finally a large boss, Kratos defeats them with a mighty axe and his classic Spartan Rage.

His son tries to finish off the large beast and misses his shot, striking Kratos instead. The two walk off, his son kills a large creature with obvious doubt and the two looked to the beautiful sky and see a gorgeous flying dragon-like creature.

According to the title screen, this will just be “God of War”. Whether this is a prequel or entirely new original title, is uncertain.

Stay  tuned for more information!