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Relive Nas Dropping Gems On Future’s “March Madness” [New Music]

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I was in a state of shock and couldn’t really comprehend what I was hearing on Saturday. I was listening to OVO Radio 14 at the gym so I could hear the “Views ting” as Drake put it when the show kicked off. Of course they kicked it off with a mix that was well crafted, as the “Wave God” Max B kicked it off before we got into Plies internet meme sensation of a song “Ritz Carlton” was played. Then “March Madness” dropped and I kicked it up at the gym.

But there was something that dropped on the new National Anthem that none of us expected: Nasty Nas dropped some bars on it! I’m sure hip-hop purist’s heads were exploding at this point but if you go back and listen, Nas was dropping heat on this track. Check it out below.



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