Turtle Rock Ends Their Support of Evolve

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Developer Turtle Rock Studios has officially stepped away from Evolve and will no longer work on the title.

The company had previously announced plans to turn it into a free-to-play title called Evolve: Stage 2, which made its way onto Steam but has yet to release on consoles. Turtle Rock spent five and a half years working on Evolve in total, adding new characters, maps, and monsters after the game launched early last year.

Turtle Rock doesn’t actually own the Evolve IP – it’s owned by 2K, who appear to have made this particular call for the developer to cease work on the title. Only time will tell if 2K intends to release a sequel or abandon the IP entirely as a result of its under-performance at retail.

As for Turtle Rock Studios, the statement published by the developer goes on to say that “this is not goodbye. We have lots of stuff in the works that we hope you’ll enjoy but we are departing on the Laurie-Anne for the last time and must bid a farewell to the planet Shear.”

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