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Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset Review (PS4 / XBOX ONE)

Turtle Beach are known for delivering state of the art, high-end sound solutions for the gamer. It feels like every time I review one of their products that it’s tailored for the serious gamers who are willing to invest in enhancing their experience. With the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat however, Turtle Beach is providing something for any gamer who values party chat communication. This is not just for the casuals either; it serves a purpose for both serious and casual gamers.

I consider myself a more serious gamer, and I own some of the more premium Turtle Beach headsets that I use for both my PS4 and PC. The Ear Force Recon Chat headset appeals to me because sometimes I don’t feel like having to charge my wireless headsets, but there’s usually always a need to communicate with my gaming buddies. The Recon Chat headset is plug-in-and-play as it connects to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller using a 3.5mm jack.

No set up is needed, and I can continue to enjoy my games through my sound system seamlessly while also being able to communicate with my friends with crystal clear sound. The sound comes by way of the large, high quality 40mm speaker.

Another plus is that the Recon Chat headset is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. High end headsets are more bulky and therefore can lead to achy ears after lengthy gaming sessions. The Ear Force Recon Chat has a single ear cup that is reversible, allowing you to wear it on either side. On the other end of the ear cup is a stopper to help the headset rest on your head with no slippage. The headset is designed to be glasses friendly thanks to Turtle Beach’s SpecsFit™ glasses avoidance zone that allows some extra space.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat screenshot

The Ear Force Recon Chat also comes with an in-line controller on its cable that allows you to adjust the volume level and mute your microphone. The headset comes in either blue or green for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively. The Recon Chat supports all official Xbox One controllers, but if you have a different controller model then you may need an Xbox One Headset Audio Controller, which is sold separately.

Owning the Turtle Beach Recon Chat is a godsend for me because sometimes I don’t plan on using my high-end headsets; but then while I’m already in the middle of a game I may receive party chat invites. It’s great being able to simply plug in the Recon Chat instead of the default PlayStation 4 earphones as I find the sound quality to be laughable on those. You also won’t have to worry about those default earphones falling out of your ear every few minutes if you use the Recon Chat.

For the low price of £15.00 / $19.95, the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat headset is fantastic value considering that it fills a specific need. You may not need a pricy headset for gaming because you already have a phenomenal sound set up for your TV. But you never know when you may need to communicate with other games; and that’s when having a quality solution for communication is essential. The headset can also be used on mobile and tablet devices.

It’s time to replace the chat headset that came with your console and the Ear Force Recon Chat is the most viable option.