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How to grow marijuana? It’s safe to say that in some parts of the world, marijuana has been totally legalized, which means people can how to buy and sell recreational and medical marijuana as per their desires, requirements, and expectations. Some people still call it bad considering that it is not good for human health, but there is nothing like that. How many plants can you grow in Washington without a medical card? Experts have now indicated that it is too easy to establish online marijuana store and a weed farm and to grow it for business and health purposes, considering that medical marijuana can help get rid of various health problems such as cancer, acidity, and others.

It should be noticed that cannabis has its association with the genus Cannabis, which itself is a part of the family Cannabaceae. The three core species of this family or class are C indica, C ruderalis and C. sativa, and it also has another variable species, which means you can have a lot of potential to grow marijuana and to help people enjoy a healthy and active life. We should bear in mind that C indica and C sativa grow taller and come in more varieties than the third form of cannabis. Amazingly, all kinds of cannabis can be grown indoor and outdoor, depending on your requirements, desires, and expectations. C ruderalis is too short and is good to be cultivated in large lands since it may not be possible for you to plant it inside the house due to the type of environmental requirements.

Cultivation Requirements

Do you know anything about the average yield per plant outdoor? It is essential to know more about the cultivation requirements of cannabis, which range from soil requirements to water and nutrient requirements. The soil is needed for all types of cannabis except the cannabis that is grown with aeroponics and hydroponics. Inside this soil, you should check the availability of nutrients like minerals. N-P-K = x%-y%-z% are the percentages used to check the nutritional values of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These nutrients are must to be provided to marijuana you might like to grow inside or outside your house.

Besides checking the soil for its fertility and nutritional value, you should also check its pH, which needs to be 5.7 to 6.6. If it is lower or higher than this value, then it may not be possible for you to grow marijuana in an as efficient way as you might have thought it to be. Some fertilizers are available in the market, which is meant to make the soil become acidic and suitable for growing marijuana and its different varieties.


Ideally, the temperature suitable for growing marijuana is 74 to 85 °F. For growing medicinal cannabis, you should always check weed prices grams and see whether the temperature is within the range or not. If you do not do so, then you may never be able to achieve any success. Temperature should neither be lower than this rage or higher than it, as it is needed for proper growth of marijuana. Just like soil, the environment and temperature have to be suitable and as per the requirements of the field.

The Light

Experts reveal that light has to be neutral when marijuana is grown outside the house and should be artificial when it is grown inside the house. Under the artificial light, the plants should be allowed to stay for sixteen to twenty hours depending on the quality and variety you choose. On the other hand, when the light is coming from natural sources, then you can allow the plants to stay there 24/7 as you cannot change their position or location every second or hour. Sufficient light needs to be available; if it does not happen, then it may not be possible for you to grow cannabis as per your desire and the information of weed size and price has also to be obtained at any cost.

In conclusion, we would like to bring it to your notice that germination can be started by soaking the seeds either in a cup of water at the normal temperature or between two or more wet paper towels. Any of these options can be chosen depending on your requirements. For fastest growing weed, you should keep in mind all of these things.

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