Red Ball: A Game of Physics, Simple Concepts, and Challenging Fun

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Games like Red Ball used to be the norm of basic physics games. This game, which you can play on Poki, is simple in concept with challenges to hinder your progress from one level to the next. The objective is to guide the Red Ball to the finish line flag of each level, while avoiding the obstacles, like dropping axes, wrecking balls, and steep slopes.

In some instances, you have to guide the Red Ball very slowly, incrementally up inclines, or jump quickly from one platform to the next. There are spiked floors, side thorns, and pits to avoid, and you have to match your concentration and speed with the difficulty of each level. So, how hard can Red Ball possibly be? It depends on how patient you are, how well you can perfect your concentration and keen focus, and how frustrated you get when you lose.

Red Ball is all about basic controls on your keyboard, making the movements seemingly easier to master. The arrow keys are your movers, with the right arrow moving your character forward, the left arrow moving your ball backwards, and the up arrow giving you ample power for big leaps.

Red Ball instructions

Other Red Ball need-to-knows include:

  • While the keyboard controls are simple, the accuracy of your movements depends solely on your gameplay abilities. There are some levels that require you to speed through to avoid obstacles the drop from the skies at random. Whereas, other levels require stealth and slow, steady movements to get to the finish line.
  • The first level isn’t an indicator of the difficulty of the whole game. Think of the first level of Red Ball as a how-to. It shows you what to do, but obstacles are slowly introduced through levels two and so on. Ergo, while you made it through level one with ease, it won’t be that easy moving forward.
  • This game isn’t gory, but your Red Ball evaporates into particles when you fall or get hit by an obstacle. Like other physics games, your goal is survival from one finish line to the next. Keep the ball intact.
  • No two obstacles are exactly alike. For instance, while there may be a row of spikes on the platforms, the distances between them could be different. This results in you having to gauge your jumps, better time your leaps, and make strategic moves instead of getting used to making a single move several times to clear a level. This game keeps you on your proverbial toes.
  • Some gamers have looked for the symbolism in Red Ball and have come up with this: red symbolizes strength, leadership, and determination. Which are all elements you need to guide your ball, which also represents constant movement, forward motion, and rolling force. That would make this game a physics powerhouse for science lovers.
  • There are well-over a dozen levels in Red Ball, and your game saves automatically to the Poki server when you get tired of playing. You can always come back for another round and more levels at a later time. Taking breaks will help you regather your determination to beat the game.

When is the Best Time to Play Red Ball?

Personally, I would say Red Ball is a great game to play when you need to unwind and refocus your attention on something other than work, school, or the humdrum of everyday stuff. This game requires concentration and focus, so you have to devote your attention to getting that little ball from one finish-line flag to another.

Red Ball is fun for all ages, and you could even make it a fun competition between friends and family members. Whoever gets the furthest in the game wins bragging rights.

Is This an Educational Game?

Red Ball could totally be an educational game. Physics, by definition, is a natural science that studies matter and motion. In this game, the Red Ball is your matter, and you test the motions by guiding your matter across various obstacle-laden platforms. Sure, it’s lots of fun, but it’s also science—which means you are learning something cool, even if you don’t feel like you’re learning anything at all.

In another sense, Red Ball teaches you how to be patient, hone your concentration, sharpen your focus, and strategize your movements. These elements and skills could come in handy when playing other games, or even in everyday life. Hence, Red Ball is an educational game that you can learn from each time you play.

No doubt you might get a little frustrated because of some of the difficult levels in Red Ball, but this can be a good thing because that frustration will drive your determination. Overall though, remember that Red Ball is all in good fun, so relax and go with the flow…err, the forward roll, of this simple little red ball.

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