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Change the World with Bluff City Law’s MaameYaa Boafo

There’s been countless legal dramas that have come and gone but there’s nothing like NBC’s Bluff City Law, a character-driven legal drama following the lawyers of an elite Memphis firm, specializing in the most controversial landmark civil rights cases. Led by legendary lawyer Elijah Strait (Jimmy Smits) and his brilliant daughter, Sydney Strait (Caitlin McGee), they take on the toughest David-and-Goliath cases while navigating their complicated relationship.

Bluff City Law doesn’t shy away from problematic and uncomfortable topics, instead it embraces them, showing all sides of the law and opinions. Refusing to badger the audience until they feel the need to pick a side, through its superb writing and casting, the audience automatically feels invested in these all-too-familiar stories.

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Co-created by Georgaris and Aguilar and written by Georgaris, Bluff City Law also stars MaameYaa Boafo as Briana Johnson, an experienced paralegal who is acting as a mentor. She is tough, intelligent, honest and willing to get the truth by any means. Boafo is captivating with the honesty, strength and badassery she brings to every scene; something she’s has continuously done with all her roles.

Seen in The Blacklist, Chicago Med and Madam Secretary, among others. She also leads the cast of the online series An African City. She has since gone on to play roles such as Ophelia in Hamlet and the Courtesan in Comedy of Errors. She made her off-Broadway debut as Walter Mosley’s leading lady in his play Lift.

The Koalition spoke to Boafo about connecting to Briana, her extensive award-winning career, the show’s explosive “Fire in a Crowded Theater” episode and more.

Bluff City Law airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC

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