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Out of This World – An Interview with Hulu’s Runaways’ Clarissa Thibeaux

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The third season of Hulu’s Runaways is bound to outdo itself by not only embracing the source material more thoroughly but by introducing the comic book series most popular arc for Karolina’s that involves her intense love interest, Xavin (played to perfection by Clarissa Thibeaux).

In the comic book version, Xavin is the spouse of Karolina in an arranged marriage that was intended to unite the Skrulls and the Majesdanians in hopes of ending their intergalactic war. Unfortunately, this comes at a confusing time for Karolina as she’s dealing with her feelings for Nico and coming out as a lesbian. In addition, Karolina is dealing with an aching feeling of wanting to learn more about herself and where she comes from, an opportunity Xavin can provide. Cast on a show filled with drama and complications for its characters, actress Clarissa Thibeaux embraced the role of her gender-fluid character. Relying on the talented writers of the series and the comics, Thibeaux quickly immersed herself in the world of the Runaways that results in emotional scenes, perfect humor and a love-triangle for the ages.


The Koalition spoke to Thibeaux about bringing her role as a shape-shifting gender-fluid alien to life, ketchup covered dounts, comic books, Thibeaux’s love for acting and more.

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