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Take Me As I Am – An Interview with Designated Survivor’s Benjamin Charles Watson

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Benjamin Charles Watson is having one hell of a time on season three’s Designated Survivor as White House Digital Officer Dontae Evans. As he dived headfirst into a chaotic election campaign (filled with illegal antic), he’s so far survived a robbery, found himself in a passionate romance with Secret Service agent Troy Bae and educated audiences about undetectable HIV-positive statuses.

As fans dive further into season three, they soon discover Evans is more than just a White House employee, he represent and array of LGBTQ issues. Yes, he’s a proud gay man but his sexual orientation isn’t what defines him and for Watson, who is gay, this key element is why he wanted to play Evans.

GROOMING: Frida Norrman
STYLING: Derek Perret

Designated Survivor’s move to Netflix allows for more creative freedom, spicy language and jaw-dropping love scenes; all things that make the show unique and realistic; while Evans, helps to push the shows boundaries by bringing LGBTQ issues to the forefront of this political show.

The Koalition spoke to Watson about becoming Evans, where season four could go, his upcoming projects and more.

Check out the interview below.

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