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The Best UK Gaming Apps

Mobile gaming is one of the best pass time activities. Today, you will see people playing their favorite mobile games at the airports, on the train, at home, and even in offices. This is a clear indication that smartphones and tablets are the future of both online and offline gaming. There are dozens of exciting free and paid-for gaming apps available on Appstore and Play store for UK based players. The games are available in different genres such as action, shooter, action-adventure, role-playing, strategy, simulation, construction and management, racing, sports, etc. The UK is the biggest mobile game market in the world with an estimation of 2261 game developing companies. Here, we have covered the best UK gaming Apps available for Android and iOS-powered mobile devices.

Sea Hero Quest App

Sea Hero Quest is not only a fan to play the game but also scientifically helpful. It was developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK, Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with leading software companies and scientists. This game boasts of great graphics and seamless gameplay across all Android and iOS devices. The objective is to save an old sailor’s lost memories by sailing a boat across deep oceans and desert islands. The unique thing about this mobile app is that your gameplay data is sent (with your consent) to a group of researchers working on the effects of Alzheimer and dementia on navigation. The more times you play, the more data is sent to the research center. According to collected data, the sense of direction drops consistently over the age of 20.

Gorogoa App

If you are a puzzle game lover, then you will find Gorogoa and interesting game. This game features an engaging experience and attractive art. Gorogoa game will take you on an intriguing fairytale adventure that starts with a young boy spotting a mysterious creature and embarks on a quest. Join the young boy as he passes through multiple doorways and windows to other dimensions. Your screen will be divided into four equal panels each with a drawn illustration. The panel’s content will completely change as you drag along the edge to reveal a new world. This mobile app game is not only attractive but also the most engaging puzzle games in the market. You can download their app from Appstore.

Mini Metro App

Mini Metro is considered the world’s most relaxing and enjoyable mobile strategy games. The plot of this game is about managing an underground network the best way you can. Grow your networks from a handful of stations to dozens. Using a procedural soundtrack, you will be able to know the growth of your network via soothing electronic background music. The challenging part of the game are the busy stations, limited resources and level upgrades only available at the end of the week. However. You can opt for the endless mode where your primary role is to ensure that your systems are efficient and neat. This game is compatible with Android and iOS devices only.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is an intriguing game that is built with great visual arts, immersive soundtrack, and seamless gameplay. , and it is about the invention of the first Artificial Intelligence (AIs) machines.

There are ten chapters, and each one of them starts with a fictional quote from newspapers, spokespeople and Event commentators. You will hear the narrative texture coming from the internal monologues of the projected jumping rectangles as they find their way through geometric levels.

The game starts with a single red jumping rectangle, and then you start picking up your friends along the way. All your friends have different personalities and with various superpowers. The objective in every level is to get every shape to a window; they will be moved to the next level once they are all in place. So, if you are a tech lover, Thomas Was Alone game would provide you with the chance to interact with the AIs.

Bury Me, My Love App

This is an exciting game about news reports on the life of Syrian refugee Nour and her husband Majd as they undertake a risky journey to Europe. Bury Me, My Love is a Text Messaging based game between two characters. The conversation is between Majd who remains in Syria and his wife Nour trying to get to Europe. You need to take up the role of Majd and advice Nour so that she may reach her destination safely. The title of the game, “Bury Me, My Love” is a Syrian goodbye message that loosely translates to, “Take care, don’t even think about dying before I do.”  Play this game on any Android and iOS powered devices.

Reigns App

Reigns is an innovative game that gives you the chance to become a medieval monarch in the modern era. Your work is to swipe your fingers on the left or right side to impose your law. There are several challenges including an unending request from your advisors, friends, enemies, servants as well as influential factions of your Kingdom. What you need to remember is that every decision you make has consequences that could jeopardize your reign. Extend your rule as long as you can, manipulate your alliances, create enemies and discover new ways to die as your dynasty lives on. Reign app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

bCasino App is one of the latest online casinos offering players with the best gambling services in the market. What makes this casino unique from others is the full range of real money and free play games from some of the best developers in the world. bCasino is owned by GS Technology company limited which is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). All new players who sign up at bCasino receive a generous matchup bonus of up to $1200 plus 100 free spins. You will find a wide range of safe and convenient payment options and excellent customer support from experienced agents.

Florence App

Florence mobile game is about a young couple. The story is narrated with engaging vignettes from meeting to bidding goodbye. This game will keep you involved in the whole story, and you will enjoy an excellent soundtrack the reflects the intimate nature of the story. Although the story only lasts an hour, it is developed to satisfy all your desires. What’s surprising is that the Florence game is not related to a relationship story. It is like a wormhole into one’s personal life that makes him/her make a life-changing turn. The conversations between the two lovers are presented in the puzzle format. You need to remove and replace things in Florence’s apartment to create room for Krish. Enjoy this exciting love story on your iOS-powered smartphone or iPad from the comfort of your home.

Downwell App

Downwell is a hybrid game of platformer and shooter genres about diving into the unknown. This game has straightforward gameplay where you are armed with gunboots to help you control your movement in mid-air. It also allows you to eliminate your enemies by firing bullets at them. The main objective in the game is to get to the bottom of the well. The levels in the game are randomly generated, and there is no time provided for you to evaluate the types of enemies or traps to expect. You will find several pick-up rewards to boost your health, body armor as well as access to advanced weapons. When you reach the end of each level, you will be given superpowers like causing blocks to burst into bullets. Downwell game app is designed to help players deal with the unknown dangers in life. The app is available on Appstore and  Playstore.

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