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Creating Your Own Origin Story: An Interview with Bloodshot’s Lamorne Morris

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Known for his role as Winston Bishop in the Fox’s sitcom New Girl, Lamorne Morris has starred in Squinters, NatGeo’s Valley of the Boom, Yesterday and Jumanji: The Next Level but it’s his role as Wilfred Wigans in SONY’s Bloodshot that’ll have people talking; especially after hearing that accent.

Based on the bestselling comic book, Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) is an elite soldier recently killed in action, brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins he’s an unstoppable force – the strongest warrior the corporation has ever created – and able to heal instantly. But in upgrading his body, the company is also manipulating his mind and memories. As he begins to remember his past life, Ray isn’t sure what’s real and what’s not – but he’s determined to take back control.Bloodshot's Wiggins Is the Best Part of the Vin Diesel Film | CBR

As Wigans (an original character), the friendless computer hacking genius from the UK, Morris shines with each scene reminding the audience of his comedic talents, ad libbing abilities and wonderful character building skills. He forms an unlikely friendship with Vin Diesel’s character after discovering the truth behind the RST corporation.

The Koalition spoke to Morris about his role, the origins of Wigans accent and more.

Check out our interview below.

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