New Jersey’s Special Affiliation With Games

New Jersey is synonymous with gaming. Some of the world’s most popular brick-and-mortar casinos are based there. It is one of the few US states which has legalized online casino gaming. The Garden State also frequently appears as a setting in some way, shape, or form in many of the most popular console and PC video games ever developed. This special affinity that New Jersey has with games deserves a closer examination.

New Jersey’s Constant Cameos

You do not have to be a gambler to experience New Jersey in games. Some of the best video games of the last two decades have weaved the Garden State in their narratives. Back in the summer of 2001, the city starred in the multi-platform release Max Payne. When the troubling (and in some cases, deeply upsetting) storyline takes place in 1998, the Payne’s live in the state. 

Assassin’s Creed III goes further back in time to the American Revolutionary War, where New Jersey is one of the thirteen colonies which star in the hit game, and plays host to the epic Battle of Springfield where the titular assassin doles out advice to Nathanael Greene.

Tony Hawk’s Underground – the fifth Tony Hawk’s skateboarding game, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and other games have also heavily featured New Jersey. Some of these games even work in the state’s casinos and Atlantic City in some way, shape, or form.

The Interchange in COD

New Jersey is also an important multiplayer and survival mode map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Released in 2011, the shoot ‘em up features a map known as Interchange, which is essentially a New Jersey highway. Meanwhile, the Boardwalk map features a beach. The latter is something you might not typically associate with the state.

Call of Duty has found itself affiliated with New Jersey in other ways, too. Many top sportsbooks now accept bets on e-sports games, and Call of Duty (or COD, as it is sometimes referred to), is one of those. Some of these can feature in some of New Jersey’s leading online casinos and bookies, and few come any bigger than Borgata.

The Best of Borgata

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is one of the high-end casinos available in Atlantic City. The casino also runs a successful betting site, offering some of the best Atlantic City sportsbook odds around. Moreover, Borgata’s online casino is open to all players who reside in New Jersey and serves up top poker tournaments, blackjack, slots, sports betting, and more.

If you live in New Jersey and want to make the jump from fictional games representing the Garden State to real money betting, Borgata could be the way to go. Why blast money on upgrades, loot crates, and DLC in video games, when you can wager with the new Borgata sports app? The new iOS (Apple) and Android-friendly app provides straight bets, parlays, futures, live in-game bets, daily boosted parlays, and numerous deposit options and is available right now.

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