Slots and Symbols – An Adventure Waiting To Happen!

The world of the online  gambling casino is an everchanging place. The struggle is constant to keep things fresh and entertaining; to keep players engaged and… well, playing! Now, most sites boast a plethora of themed Slots and rounds of Roulette, but the key to making the experience everything it can be is a regularly updated range of casino-based games. Perhaps most interesting is the variety of themed Slots that are available, a current favorite being Asian culture. Awash with vibrant colors and animal-themed symbols, these games offer a certain level of escapism, and the chance to explore a world that is potentially beyond their norm.

Allow yourself to be introduced to the brand-new slots adventure that is Playtech’s Lotus Heart. The visual scope of the game is Asian-inspired, as the title lightly suggests. It has been confidently named as one of the “most dynamic additions” – and it’s easy to see why. The game allows you to begin spinning at a respectable ten pence, letting you set your own pace as you begin to play. The reels use low-value playing card symbols, their full names scrawled in languid calligraphy, adding a certain level of class to the entire experience. However, if class and sophistication are not welcome additions to your gambling experience, you’re not to worry as the game also incorporates a slight nod to the barnyard with a few animal-themed symbols thrown into the mix. Move over King and Queen – here comes the everyman in the form of chickens and pigs!

Playtech’s also the developers behind Tsai Shen’s Gift, another Asian-inspired effort. Posing with the idea of enhancing your winnings, Tsai Shen is an ancient figure in Chinese culture who is rather aptly seen as the God of Wealth. In a nutshell, the tradition goes as follows – legend precedes that Tsai Shen descends from heaven to inspect his mortal followers and receive their offerings. Once the sacrifices have been accepted by God he can then return to heaven; fed, watered and feeling loved. There’s an almost whimsical feel to this slot, harking back to this legendary tale as you spin through the custom symbols such as colorful lanterns and statues, once again starting at ten pence a spin and increasing at your own discretion.

Next on our transatlantic adventure is Golden Macaque, named after the extroverted species of monkey that can be found throughout Asia, as well as North Africa. This golden monkey is bound to bring you luck and maybe even some gold of your own. With monkeys symbolizing cleverness in Chinese culture, this offering is a fast-paced slots game which allows the player to blaze through symbols such as the beautiful tiger, worth a multiplying win when five are landed on the pay line and the red macaque which acts as the game’s wild card, earning the player the chance to unlock the Gong Bonus feature and win big!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and get ready for a belated gap year!