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Sony Launches New PS5 Website

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The new PlayStation 5 console will be coming out very, very soon. And now Sony has launched the official website for the PS5 console.

Although we are excited about the new website, we were really bummed to find out that the website does not feature much information about the PS5 except for upcoming news. In fact, there’s no information on the website that sheds light on all the rumors that are out there about the upcoming PS5. 

According to a blog at the new website for the Next Generation PS5 console has just gone live although there hasn’t been any formal announcement from Sony itself.

Although some of us are really happy about the new website, there are some things about the new website that we find to be a bit too much. This is because it isn’t telling us much about the new PS5. In fact, arguments are that the website is nothing but a barebones portal. Critics go further to say that the landing page is not so exciting at all. If you go on the website, you will find that the is really nothing there to read about the new PS5. The only thing that you will see is the PS5 logo, as well as a short blurb hinting about upcoming news. 

Users can also, if they are interested, sign up for updates by entering their email addresses.

What to Expect

Sony has said that the updates on the website will include things such as the date of release of the PS5, the price, as well as the titles to expect. On the website, it is not quite clear whether Sony will make the big reveal at an event that is scheduled for a few weeks to come. This has left fans unimpressed, although others are now curious to find out what will be new. At this point, best online casino players like us can continuously wait for a time when casino games will be available on console too.

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