Video Game Warzone #400: The Final Episode

Video Game Warzone is without a doubt a staple in the video game podcast field with over a decade’s worth of classic moments. The Video Game Warzone’s success is all due to one man, Torrence Davis, who we’re all honored to have on The Koalition staff.

Torrence Davis created the show during his run as owner of The Bit Bag with the intention of the show being an open dialogue about the video games industry. In the beginning, Torrence Davis and HipHopGamer were co-hosts as this was during HipHopGamer’s rise to popularity. The show exploded and spawned several new regular casters.

Torrence Davis would eventually bring the show with him to STFU&Play and finally to his own dedicated Warzone website. To put it simply, this podcast has some of the best (and off the wall) video game related banter to be recorded over the past 10 years.

All good things must come to an end, and Video Game Warzone #400 marks the end of an era as Torrence Davis retires the legendary podcast. Listen as Torrence reminisces of classic Video Game Warzone moments with a bunch of familiar faces including Rikuson1, Tony Polanco, Shaz, HipHopGamer, Emilio Lopez, Dirtybird Phoenix, Freddy, OOGfunk, ICE, Jon Shaw and more.

Many of you know there was a time when both the Video Game Warzone and our previous flagship podcast The Co-op ran concurrently, but even during those times, The Koalition staff had a strong reverence for Torrence Davis and the Warzone movement. So on behalf of all of The Koalition’s staff, past and present we want to thank Torrence Davis for blessing the world with years of quality content. We look forward to creating brand new moments in the months to come.

Go and follow Torrence Davis for updates on future content. And don’t forget, you can still listen to the podcast’s archives both on YouTube and iTunes.

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