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Evercore Heroes Preview – The Offspring Of LoL And Dungeon Crawlers

Icelandic developer studio Vela Games consists of former employees of other studios such as Blizzard, Riot Games, and EA who have joined forces to develop a new PvE MOBA-style game called Evercore Heroes. Evercore Heroes is a brand-new mix of MOBA and MMO Raids. Now I know that a lot of gamers are not into PVP MOBA so this may be a new outlet for them to try out. Even though Evercore Heroes starts with the classic MOBA principle (such as League of Legends) they change it up by playing the game without direct PvP contact.

Evercore Heroes can be quickly described as four teams of four characters racing to complete a dungeon and kill the boss at the end before the other three teams. Similar to the popular MOBAs out now, the teams consist of heroes of different types. For example, there are tanks, healers, or damage dealers. However, only eight of these heroes have been revealed so far, so the selection is not yet that large. Each hero has four abilities that can be leveled up in the course of the game in order to strengthen them.

A Tank, Healer, and two DPS. Your basic fight group.

Now when it comes to the gameplay, again it is like the well-known MOBAs already out. In some ways, a jungle from League of Legends and, in some form DOTA 2, is a perfect teaming recreation. In League, the jungle belongs to creatures camps that might be cleared for EXP-Boards and buffs. Some camps are harder than others.

My insight into Evercore fit was complete: scuffles and rock giants of rock and their rock small children were very popular – victors gaining newfound riches on pieces whose ability to do what they would just execute once more. Teams can upgrade their characters by killing monsters and collecting gold and crystals. At the same time, they try to charge their Evercore by completing tasks. Once your Evercore is successfully charged, the teams enter the boss domain.

Of the 8 characters right now I like Cynder the most.

As teams fight the monsters that stand in their way, they can also trigger waves of enemies that make life harder for the other teams. In this way, teams can put their opponents through hell by sending waves and waves at their Evercore.

The goal is for your team to kill the final boss first. However, this is not as easy as it sounds as this appears simultaneously for all teams that have managed to defend their Evercore. So then it becomes like a DPS race while tanking and healing.

A lot of fun trying to be the first to kill the boss.

This game turns out to be very interesting and intriguing to me, even though its similarities to previous MOBAs are way too familiar. The music, battle sounds, and even the well-being bars look to be right out of League with a few maps and randomizations to keep matters attention-grabbing.

I found this new type of MOBA playstyle very intriguing and a breath of fresh air compared to everything out right now. I had a lot of fun with premade groups, but just like other MOBAs if the group doesn’t gel well, then you are screwed before you even get started. I am looking forward to seeing what the next Beta gives us. I hope for more characters and play styles, maybe a new dungeon and boss to fight. Either way, I am hooked, and if you are a MOBA fan keep an eye out for this one as well.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This preview was written based on a PC demo for Evercore Heroes.

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