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E3 Predictions – Square Enix Press Conference

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With this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo fast approaching, the time has come for us to make a few predictions about what we expect to see and what we hope will be announced in Los Angeles during the most important time of the year for the video game industry.

Here are some of our predictions for what Square-Enix will show during the Square-Enix E3 2015 Conference.


Tony Polanco – Executive Editor

To my recollection, this is the first time that Square-Enix is holding an actual E3 press event of their own. While E3 is already packed with press events, it makes sense that our friends over at SQE would be hosting their own shindig. They’ve come a long way from being the little RPG company they once were, and are leaders of the industry in their own right. This conference will be an excellent chance for the company to demonstrate this to the world.

The big show stoppers will no doubt be Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Tomb Raider will already get stage time during the Xbox Media Event but I see SQE giving us a more extensive look at the game with a live demonstration. Deus Ex is another one I see getting a live demo as well. Considering that this will be the only conference where we’ll see the game in all its glory, expect it to possibly be THE game of the show. I also have to mention the recently announced Just Cause 3 as another game that’ll get fans of that franchise giddy with excitement.

Noticeably absent is the game that WOULD have been the real showstopper here: Final Fantasy XV. We may see a quick clip of it, but SQE has made it clear that Gamescom is where we’ll get a ton of new info so unfortunately, E3 is out of luck in this department. To make up for it however, I expect a giant presentation for Kingdom Hearts 3. Things have been quiet for this game for a while now, so I think the time has come for SQE to stun the world with a new trailer and possibly a release window. Small chance of that last part happening, but I think they can at least give us some new footage.

I expect a few remasters announced since those seem to be doing well for the company. What I would personally love is if SQE did something similar to the recently announced Mega Man Collection and released a compilation of the first six Final Fantasy games. They would all be in sprite-form similar to how they were on the PSP versions of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, and of course, Final Fantasy IV. This is a long shot but I can dream, damn it! I can dream!

As for Final Fantasy VII. We’ll probably see a quick thing for the PS4 version. This announcement was the equivalent of pouring salt on the wound of gamers who wanted a full-on remake, so I don’t think they’ll concentrate on it for too long. However, wouldn’t it be funny if that was all just an elaborate ruse and Square-Enix has actually been developing a next-gen FFVII this entire time? At this point, SQE has to know that fans of that game want it more than anything else, so I have believe they have something in the works that they’re not telling us about with regards to FFVII.

just cause 3

Brian Munjoma – Content Writer


For all the titles that were already announced, like Just Cause 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3, I expect Square-Enix to showcase gameplay. For those games only recently announced like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PC, I assume gameplay trailers will be shown unless they are due to be released this year.


Speaking of Final Fantasy, over the last couple of months SQE has been making an effort of releasing games on PC. Already, Lighting Returns and Type-0 are known to be coming to PC and I believe it is leading to the announcement of FFXV for PC.

Charles Singletary – Contributing Editor


I expect to be disappointed again.


I’m not disappointed.

Deus Ex Mankind divided

Jakejames Lugo – Associate Editor

Where do I even begin with Square Enix? There is so much to cover when talking about what can be shown by them at E3 2015. It’s best to acknowledge that Square won’t have anything new to show from Final Fantasy XV at E3, but will instead push for the game to be at Gamescom. That just begs the question, what exactly will be the showstopper at Square’s first ever E3 press conference? The easiest answer would probably be Kingdom Hearts 3, and rightfully so since it is Square’s most anticipated sequel next to Final Fantasy XV.

There needs to be something new shown for Kingdom Hearts 3. No new footage of the game has been shown since the closed-off presentation at the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix launch event in Burbank. Hopefully Square-Enix can have Tetsuya Nomura on stage to reveal new details about the story, gameplay, new worlds, and maybe even new characters of this highly anticipated game. Any news about KH3 at this point would make everyone at the conference satisfied, but a release window for the game would really cause a stir among fans.

But its doubtful this would be the only Kingdom Hearts info we receive at the conference. Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X [chi] was announced to have an international release outside of Japan this past spring, with new content and a free-to-play model for mobile devices, so we can expect the game to come to North America at some point. Many rumors have pointed to an HD release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance for Nintendo’s Wii U, which will also be packed with both Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts: RE Coded. This seems plausible as Dream, Drop, Distance has story points that connect directly into what will be the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3, so it’s possible that Square Enix may want fans to be fully caught up with the series before the new sequel’s release.


Yet, even with the absence of Final Fantasy XV at E3, there will still be plenty of Final Fantasy to go around the conference. Japan will soon see the release of the newest Dissidia: Final Fantasy in arcades, which also happens to be made using PlayStation 4 hardware. It’s almost guaranteed that the new Dissidia: Final Fantasy will finally make its way to PlayStation 4, which should make a lot of gamers very happy. Fans of the two PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy titles have asked for the series to come to consoles, so it looks like Square-Enix may finally be answering their requests. In addition, Final Fantasy XIV may also get some stage time to showcase the new expansion pack Heavensward releasing on Jun 19th 2015.

There will be a good variety of other titles that Square Enix will show at their conference. JRPG fans will get more news on Star Ocean 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Those looking for games outside of Japanese development will find lots of titles that may get some shine at the other press conferences. We can expect to see more details about Rise of the Tomb Raider, the newest Hitman title being developed by IO Interactive, as well as new information on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

For their first ever conference at E3, Square Enix has a whole lot of good stuff for us to look forward to, even if it doesn’t included the newest numbered Final Fantasy title.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Teaser Trailer E3 (1)

Chris Sealy – Content Writer

Square Enix is putting on their own press conference for E3 2015. With Final Fantasy XV, arguably their biggest title announced for current gen, officially not having a proper reveal until Gamescom, Square must have some pretty big titles to drop at E3 to make up for such a major absence.

Let’s start with what we’re expecting based on recent news and reveals. First, Just Cause 3 will be an obvious show considering the teaser put out a few months ago. The continuing adventures of Rico Rodriguez as he fights fictional island government tyranny in the most extreme ways possible is something fans have been waiting for. The teaser showed Rico deploying and flying around with a wingsuit, so we expect that will be the new preferred mode of travel. I’m expecting that Square-Enix will present a new trailer along with some real gameplay footage.

Bravely Default is up there as one of my favorite RPGs, so there is no question that I’m looking forward to seeing Bravely Second! I think we’ll get to see more story and gameplay in a long trailer. If Square keeps up the quality from the first game, this will be a win for them.

Next, we may see a western release of Star Ocean 5 (keeping fingers crossed). It is already in development, and it’s been six (6) years since the last Star Ocean game. Let’s hope that means we’ll get to see a glimpse into the new Star Ocean.


Another well anticipated RPG is Kingdom Hearts 3. While I wasn’t a fan of the series, many I know love it and would love to see a new official fourth game in the series.The potential for larger worlds and more immersive gameplay in the Disney/Square universe on current gen systems sounds like it would really make SQE fans happy this year.

One of my favorite franchises from Square-Enix is the Hitman series. For me, a new game announcement would be a big deal. I would love to see the series evolve with new stealth mechanics and maybe deeper customizations into things like disguises and more options for potential actions while trying to complete an assassination mission.

Lastly, Dragon Quest Heroes, which was released in February in Japan only, looks to be the child of Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors. This has been announced for release (PS4 only) in North America for October 2015. Seems likely that we’ll get to see some localized story and gameplay. While I’m lukewarm on Dynasty Warriors, somehow seeing that type of gameplay in Dragon Quest might sway me to giving this title a closer look.

If Square-Enix has any other bombs, my only distant guess is that there is one they could drop this E3 that would make renting their own convention space completely worth it. I’m talking about announcing a full remake of Final Fantasy VII. No re-release, no video of the gameplay from 18 years ago, I’m talking full remake in all the HD glory. I believe that troll at the Sony Experience last year might have been a deliberate precursor to Square-Enix dropping the news of a full HD remake of Final Fantasy VII. I think collective heads will explode across all of gamedom if that happens! Let’s hope it does!!

dragon quest heroes

Dana Abercrombie – Content Writer

Expect to see:

There will be Lara Croft and her arrival shall be huge. I’m expecting tree vines to drop from the ceiling, and Amazonian music to start playing. As the sounds of rain and exotic animals are heard throughout the conference, Camilla Luddington swings onto the stage to present a live demo. Rise of Tomb Raider is just not the name of the game, but so are the expectations of this title; it will rise above its competitors.

Surprise to see:

It’s the game whose the sole definition is to bring happiness to us all. The game we hardly get enough installments of. It’s a little known game called… Kingdom Hearts. Of course we’re not getting an announcement (maybe?) but can you imagine how incredible it will be to see. Hell even if an image of Mickey Mouse was shown I would literally lose my shit. My shit would be lost. (Starts singing N’SYNC’s Gone).

Final Fantasy is a series that has taken Japan and basically the rest of the world by storm and left me scratching my head in confusion. I will never understand the fascination with this series, but I’ve seen grow men cry and children slap their momma’s for not buying them one of the games.

At E3, we will be fooled by Square-Enix as they make the biggest surprise announcement: There will be Final Fantasy XV after all (screw you, Gamescom!), and people will have heart attacks. So what if it was announced by Square-Enic that it will not be revealed at E3? Maybe this was done to avoid spoilers (David Jaffe would approve), just so the company can watch everyone lose their minds at the same time. I still have faith.

Final Fantasy XV is going to be part of a major announcement that will have everyone’s mom blocking their cheeks and ducking for cover. There will be tons of gameplay footage, a trailer, improvements coming to the game, and the ever elusive 2016 release date which will be pushed back to 2017. I expect to see enough crying that will put the Kim Jong-il “mourners” to shame.


These are some of our thoughts but what do you guys think Square-Enix will show during their press event? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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