Space Invaders Extreme Review

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You can’t call yourself a gamer if you never played or even heard of Space Invaders. The 1978 classic arcade shooter is one the most successful arcade games ever. Just like any other success, the next step is to make more. Space Invaders Extreme has made its way onto the Xbox Live Arcade, after being pre-released on the Nintendo Ds. Does Space Invaders Extreme still have what it takes to be successful in the 21st century and the bigger question, does it stay true to the Space Invaders original?

The minute you begin to play Space invaders Extreme it can be a little overwhelming with all info displayed on the sides such as your Level, Chains, Rates, etc. Once you understand all that you’re set and can now look straight ahead at the actual gameplay. For the first time ever you’ll see High-Def pixelated Invaders and your space ship. Space Invaders Extreme also provides a colorful background and you would think it would be distracting but no, it fits right in. Space Invaders Extreme carries over the same objective as the previous games, destroy the invaders and dodge missiles. In this game, you’ll encounter several colored Invaders, if you destroy them based on color or columns you’ll be able to earn bonus points and 4 types of different special weapons. The game also has different types of bonus rounds allowing you to earn tons of points. Once you’re finished with a level, you’ll encounter a boss battle which are pretty simple. Space Invaders Extreme does have a variety of level, enemies, weapons, and more which all works perfectly with the game.

The main standout attraction in this game, in my opinion, is the music. Every shot and every destruction of an Invaders adds a unique sound to music. You’ll feel like your making a beat. The best way to play a game is cooperatively and competitively and Space Invaders Extreme offers both. The 4 player co-op is pretty good, although you will get confused at times as to which shit you’re playing as and having no continues adds some difficulty. They also have a survival mode which has you competing with someone else seeing how long you can survive or who can get the higher score. When I tried to play online, nobody was around. The game is a ghost town, so play with a friend or relative on the same couch.

Space Invaders Extreme maintains its retro arcade style while still adding so many new features to the game. The presentation is what really makes Space Invaders Extreme feel new; the music is outstanding, and the look is great. But with only 5 levels, the game will be over before you know it and you’ll have to buy more via DLC.

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