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I been a fan of Evidence for a while now. Even though he wasn’t much of a gamer, the underground legend himself still blessed us with a interview. Evidence is part of the legendary group Dilated Peoples, and is also a frequent collaborator with producer/sometimes rapper Alchemist. I highly recommend you guys to go buy the Weatherman LP and also download his latest EP from Itunes. But check out this brief exchange below.

Whats up Ev, I’m a big fan of work. I know you an alchemist are like (step)brothers. has your relationship helped you grow musically?

It’s actually made me realize what a complete piece of shit Alan really is. We used to be way cooler than we are nowadays.. I guess being around anybody too much is a bad idea. I do think the album will be great cause I’m going to be so much better than him on every song.

I think a while ago I read you were starting to use reason. Do you still use that in the studio? Whats your weapon of choices when making a track?

I am starting to really get reason now..it’s taken almost 2 years of going back to the mpc,back to the Asr10,before I actually said,”fuck it-this is it”

In a recent interview you and alchemist said that the rap game would come in full circle. Meaning the underground would be on top at some point. Do you feel like that time is coming now? especially since the internet is used to find new music more than the radio.

I not a historian or anything,but everything works in cycles-you don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure that one out. People get tired if pop shit-want underground..then underground gets weak and people wanna dance again.

What new artist are you checking for? And who do you think we should pay more attention to?

Not too many “new” artists cause most “new” people are not new,but maybe now getting light.. Example-Crooked I or Jay Electronica…feeeeel meeeeee?(tupac voice)

So whats good with your next project? When can we expect to hear new music?

‘Cats & Dogs’ is my 2nd solo album coming top of 2010! Its got an amazing vibe so far….I am also still working “The Layover Ep” which did really well for an Ep… Those 2 are  really my main focus right now. Stepbrothers soon. Im producing some of Rakaa-Iriscience’s solo album-“Crown Of Thorns” and is coming out real nice so far. New Dilated is being discussed and I think it’s almost about that time for us 3 to really make a crazy 5th studio Lp.

I might be pushing boundaries with this one. But I know you went digging while out on tour. Any good finds?. You dont have to answer that if you dont want to. lol

Those future law suits will stay in the record bag for now.

So what kind of video games you played coming up as a kid?

Super Mario Bros,Galaga,Pole Position..all the basic requirements for a real 80’s baby.

Do you still play a little ( or alot) now?


Hiphop games are coming out heavy in 2009/2010. would you like to be involved musically with a game?

Not overly interested. But if chance came up I wouldn’t pass it by.

If you had the opportunity to design a game.What would a ideal Evidence game be like?

Bong hit video contest game. Like choose your bong/buy your weed/and go!–then could turn game,”virtual” and practice in your off time!

Any last words for the readers?

Rappers–Never plug your album in this space!  Use this space to plug your twitter page. Peace!

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