Tiger Woods 10 Review

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Though the last couple of years have been rough for the world’s number one golfer in the world, Tiger Woods.  Both in real life, struggling to win tournaments he was expected to win, his knee injury, and his virtual life with EA’s Tiger Woods series. This year hopefully for Tiger will be different in both his worlds. He has returned from his knee injury, saying he as strong and as confident as he has ever been. Let’s hope it reflects that same swagger in this years Tiger Woods 10.

Many gamers have expressed anger and frustration with the previous installments of Tiger Woods but it’s not because the game was too hard or difficult, but because it was too easy. Many said the the competition that you play against would play the same game as you. For instance, if you would shoot 10 under par then the CPU would shoot and 8 or 9 under par, there was no way for you to pull away from the field.  In the real world a golfer may shoot a round of 58 of 59, but only once in a lifetime. Hell I used to shoot a 58 every round.  But the good thing about the previous years was if you had a bad round and only went 2 under then the CPU would be very kind and considerate and shoot no more than a 4 under par. Thanks guys for thinking of the players and keeping us “In the Game,” only EA could be so nice.

Enough of the complaints and previous flaws, lets get to the new and improved Tiger Woods 10.

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