Video: Random x The Koalition Team Up For VG Mixtape

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For those not familiar with rapper Random please visit and download all his mixtapes. This is not just some random rapper…wait. OK he is some “random” rapper, but hes not just your average one. With his highly popular megaman themed projects, Capcom even decided to licence his music. As result my man Random has been doing a lot of big things behind the scenes of the video games industry. It was only right that we team up and bring you guys some music to game to, ride to, chill to. But this is not just another mixtape, let my man random explain it to you in the video below.

We want to get the community involved. Help us shape the theme and concept of this project. Leave some comments with your ideas. Don’t be reluctant, anything is possible,  I think we are living proof of that alone.

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