12 Rounds: Clinton Sparks Interview

It’s time to get familiar. This man doesn’t really need an intro, but I’ll give him one anyway. The homie has been doing his thing in the rap game for a while now and he is the host of SmashTime Radio, which can be heard on Shade 45 on Thursday’s or by clicking this link right here. He has dropped mixtape, after mixtape that has kept the streets on smash. He is probably your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ. The Koalition recently had time to chop it up with Mr. Get Familiar himself, Clinton Sparks and talk about video games and music in general. Here is what he had to say.

With the success of music games in other genres, games developers have now decided to come out with games such as DJ Hero and Scratch the Ultimate DJ. Do you think these games with be a good representation of the art form and can when expect a Clinton Spark track on either one of these games?

I am all for anything that helps to expose the DJ & the DJ culture. I’m excited that companies realize the importance & influence that the DJ has & has invested time & money into them. Unfortunately, I am not involved w/ production.

TheKoalition.com was created because of our love for video games and hip-hop. How did video games and hip-hop influence you when you were growing up? and what are some of your favorite old school video games?

Music & Video Games were a huge part of my childhood. All I did was sit in my room & listen to music or play video games.

The E3 gaming conference just took place and there are a lot of hot games to look forward to. What are some games that you might be playing throughout the year? I know Just Blaze might want to challenge you on that Fight Night Round 4

I’m not a Big gamer but to see the transition from 20 yrs ago to now is amazing. I was in Best Buy & thought the real Red Sox game was on the big screen & it was a video game. I own the WII & play sports games when I have time. Golfing, Baseball & WII sports.

The industry can always expect Clinton Sparks to drop some classic mixtapes just when the game needs it. What are some of the projects that you are working on that we can look forward to you dropping?

Thank you for that. I am working on multiple projects. 1st off my official album which will be completed produced by me. Ill be writing on it as well as showcasing my artistry & will feature some of the biggest names in the biz. I am also working another project w/ my partner DJ Snake from Paris, France. He & i formed a team & we call ourselves Logan De Gaulle. We will be dropping an album soon & our 1st single features Tyrese & is called “Take me Away”. I am also finishing up a totally free album completely produced by me for my hip hop fans featuring everyone from Diddy to Common to Ludacris & Fabolous. As I’m writing these answers I’m in the studio finishing Smashtimeradio Vol. 6 Las Vegas Edition w/ Lil’Jon & I’m trying to conceptualize the follow up to the Chester French free album we dropped titled Jacques Jams Vol.1: Endurance, as it stands the sequel will be titled Jacques Jams Vol.2: Stamina. Most of these projects are available for free download @ clintonsparks.com. I have so much more but the full answer would take up as much space as all the other answers combined. In addition to all of this I will be introducing the world to my artist Supastar L.T. By dropping a mixtape w/ him soon introducing our 3D music movement.

I know you heard Jay Z?s latest track D.O.A (Death of Auto Tune), how do you feel about the about that track and auto-tune in general?

I love the track. That’s Hip Hop @ its finest. Regarding Auto tune, I don’t have any problems w/ it. It is a tool that is & has been used for since I was a kid as an element in the recording process. Has it been a bit abused? Sure but literally every single thing hip hop introduces gets abused. Should people stop rapping about drinking,sex,drugs,partying,killing,etc.? Should we stop using 808 drums cause its been beat to death? Style & Lingo gets introduced & overused since hip hops conception. A lot of people have been vocal on expressing their dislike for auto tune so its pretty easy to get people to roll w/ you when u diss it but its also a little ironic that the biggest artist in the business have been making hits w/ it so it can’t be that bad.

there any other trend in hiphop you would like to kill off right now?

I don’t get mad @ trends & styles. To each his own. I have my preference on what I do & don’t like & if I have nothing good to say then I don’t comment on it. Who am I to hate or shit on what you like. We have different taste. Respecting each others taste doesn’t mean you have to like it.

You have worked with a lot artist throughout your career. Tell us who are some of you favorite artist to work with and why?

Akon because he gets it & he sees the world & not just one region so if I present something to him he gets it. Most do not & I have to make fake records to proove to them that it will work. I’m going to start putting my own records w/ me on them to show that I know what I’m talking about.

There is a lot of room for unique collaboration in the music industry as a whole. Have you ever thought about producing a whole album in another genre besides rap? Is that something you can see yourself doing?

Yes. One example of that transition is the Chester French project & merging the 2 worlds of hip hop/pop & rock together & another example will be the Logan De Gaulle project. That will be all Dance/Electro music for the Clubs.

There is a rise in new talent in rap game today. Who are some of the new artist that can get the official Clinton Sparks co-sign and why?

I Think Drake is super talented & I look forward to hearing his album & working together. I am also feeling Asher Roth. Both artist are the type of artist that make me pay attention & listen to what they are saying. I am obviously excited about Supastar L.T. & that is why I decided to work w/ him.

Sometimes it can be hard to continue to put out music once you been in the rap game for a while. What are some of the things that motivate you when your in the studio trying to come up with something new?

My biggest motivation is the people that hit me inquiring about me dropping new music & just my passion for wanting to be creative & do things that impress people. It really boils down to just wanting to work & the desire to please people.

Def Jam is about to release a new game called Rapstar where you get to rap to some of the best hip-hop tracks out. We all know that you got production skills, but have you ever though about jumping on the mic and putting out a track?

Well for those that know my history would know that I was an MC & put out several singles & performed all over before I was known as a DJ. You will hear me on the mic on all of these projects I’m about to put out. Get Familiar!! Oooow..

Any last words to the readers?

Thank you to all those that have supported & continue to do so whether its radio,mixtapes,clubs or on the daily ten on E! & those that except my experimenting w/ different ideas & music. I will continue to apply pressure to myself to put out quality material & I will not let u down. Hit me on twitter @clintonsparks, Facebook & clintonsparks.com & also subscribe to download the podcast to my smashtimeradio show on itunes every week.