Blizzard Considering Making A Console Game

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Blizzard currently has the PC world on lock, with the release of Starcraft II which released on Tuesday. With games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, they have secured a loyal PC fanbase. But what if they decided to tackle the console market? Would they have the same success? While speaking with MCV Blizzard actually teased a possible console project. Check a quote below.

In the more recent years it has been PC and online orientated. But we play all kinds of games at Blizzard. We try to learn wherever we can. We play console games and we are up-to-speed on the console platforms. And if we see an opportunity where the game design would work well on the console, then maybe we will go that way. We just haven’t announced anything yet.

I personally am very confident that they would make something revolutionary if they decided to make a console franchise. I haven’t played too much Starcraft or Diablo, but just by playing the free 10 day trial of World of Warcraft I can tell how much attention to detail they allocate when creating their franchises. Those who are able to game on their PC’s and have some extra cash lying around, I definitely recommend you give any Blizzard game a try.

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